Crazykick, we are a lifestyle brand. Our products are diverse in nature and at affordable prices. And for an introduction blog, here are 5 things that you should know about Crazykick. 

#1 It is designed to reflect your personality:

The main idea behind this brand is to curate products that reflect your personality. Think about it, there are approximately 7 billion people in the world, with probably multi billion products designed for them. Then what does Crazykick have that is different from any other brand trying to sell you their “Customized” products? 

The answer is pretty simple. 

Our products are designed to highlight you. We shine the light on you through our products. 

So you are ready for the stage! We do not believe in designing overpowering elements/products, instead what we do, is to create a design that reflects your personality. 

So that You can show the world that you are unique. 

The reason behind this is very simple: how will it be “customized for you” if the product/design is mass-produced. 

Our products are inspired by you! Therefore you are the star for us. 

#2 We have a wide range of products

Our products are designed for a wide consumer range. We work on bringing out the best in you.

How, you ask? Then let me lead you to our product page<insert link>. 

And here is where you will notice a major difference, which is we do not have generic product filters that you may find in usual e-commerce platforms, instead we have filtered our products via realistic personality features. 

When we say we design products for personality, we mean it!

We try to accommodate every feature that makes you who you are. 

For instance, we created a range of products for introverts, using elements that resonated with their traits and so they can relate to them. 

This was just an example, we do have quirky products designed to match various spectrum of  style requirements from a social butterfly, party animal to a bookworm. It is because we believe these are an integral part of you and should be celebrated more. 

So come celebrate with us, let us appreciate you!  

#3 Conscious retailing 

We are a brand that realizes the impact it can have on the environment. 

And we proactively work on reducing the waste that we produce during this process. And that is how ‘Its My Note’<insert link> came to life. This is a Notebook that is manufactured from recycled plastic waste. 

This product was consciously created without compromising the design elements. 

And we need as much support as we can gather from citizens like you to spread awareness on our eco-friendly product range. 

We highly believe in being the change we want to see and we will keep working on inventing eco friendly solutions.  

#4 Local brand

We are a platform that is totally powered by talented artists and we would continuously work towards creating a space where local art is recognized.

Crazykick ultimately strives to be a place where creative ideas are encouraged and modern solutions are deployed. 

And this is possible if we choose to support local artists and local brands. Every product that you see on the website is a brain child of a local artist and it is time we support local art. 

#5 Team

And finally we’d like to talk about our team, Yup that’s true. 

We have a strong R&D team that is constantly working to improve the experience of our consumers. 

Our team has a knack for creativity with which they capture what is often overlooked. 

We have a hand-picked team of talented individuals who have a keen eye for detail and always bring out the style quotient.

So come join us in the journey of celebrating you! With someone so special there’s plenty of work and too many products to choose from. 

Remember Crazykick - It is for you! 


It’s is designed to reflect your personality 

Support local

We provide a variety of range

Personality - don’t compromise on your style needs

We pick up what others might miss

It’s one of a kind

Our team, 

Crazykick, as a brand we are trying to reduce waste, support conscious retailing, and provide a wide range of products at an affordable price. 

Crazykick - what are we 

Who are we 

And what do we do? 

As an introduction, we are a brand. And we are trying to inculcate everything that is right. 

look out for us, we are a budding brand trying to make a difference with our quirky products.


Crazykick is a platform where we introduce consumers to numerous products each unique in nature. 

We at crazykick aim to give customers what they exactly need - By filtering products according to their customized personal traits or for the mood, feel and look that they are aiming to achieve by this purchase. 

We are not a mass production company with generic products that are marketed to their customer base with a "customized” for you tag.

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