Andriod Vs iPhone is an age-old battle that we have been witnessing or actively participating in. Where there is nothing wrong if you support either of them. There is still one thing that we should look into. And that is how much we indulge ourselves in brands and their marketing tactics. 

Society has conditioned us to believe that wearing/using products of a particular brand makes us cool or recognized as a privileged class of the community. 

While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing international brands, it is, however, unethical to make it a parameter of stature. While we are advocating the pros of international brands and referring to them as “Cool”, “dope” and associating them with the personality of an individual. 

We also have to introspect whether we are indirectly dictating a social norm where we are restricting access to people who can not afford such brands and therefore cannot enter the circle of ‘elite’. 

We have to consciously make our purchases. Think about it, since when did we actively elevate a brand that it became more than the product itself? 

How will we support local businesses if we do not separate the stigma of indigenous products from the user?

Why should any individual be made fun of, just because they chose to purchase a local brand? If a local product can serve as any imported product would, then why should they be pressured to choose imported? Why the constant fear of judgement on their purchases? 

We live in a country with diverse cultures and a variety of local products. And a very effective marketing strategy is convincing us that we are happy only when we use these brands. 

Whereas the truth is a product purchase is linked to a simple logic which is whether the purchase will provide a solution or not. It’s time we start looking into a product for its functionality and need rather than its brand value and stature. 

If we effectively implement this, we will be moving towards a society where your brand preferences will not form an essential part of your character. 

If we start looking at products for what it is, you will realize how much money you could have saved if only you stopped chasing the brand.

Invest in a lifestyle where you stand out, not your brand choices. 

A happy lifestyle will not be achieved if you spend all your savings on one single “branded”  purchase. When there are a lot of affordable options available. 

And style is not just branded clothes and imported perfumes. It can still be achieved through local products and that is how you create your mark. Something that defines who you are. 

Why should you let a mass production company with generic products define you where you can choose products that elevate you and highlight who you are! 

There’s happiness in simple things. In choosing products that elevate your personality rather than overpowering your charm with their unrealistic standards. 

So, the next time you see someone who does not own an international brand let that not be a parameter to decide their character. Instead appreciate them for empowering a local brand and supporting local art. 

The switch to local might not be easy, but when you realise how many lives you will be affecting by making this choice, the transition will be worth it. 

Take your first step at supporting local art, check out our product range. We assure you, you will fall in love with the simplicity of local art.

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