About Us


You have just landed on the most trending product store till date. We shall make these few moments in your life worth it. Its a promise. 😉


Crazy Kick® is the new e- commerce quality driven redesigned product store in town launched by its parent company, Redsquare®. It is an Indian start up and believes in make in India in a strong sense. Crazy Kick is a perfect mixture of innovation and passion put together.

How it started

It all started with an obsession! An obsession to present the regular products in the most extra ordinary way possible. All through our journey we dreamt of providing everyone the privilege of having luxury in simple products. Thus revolutionalising and rediscovering the idea of contemporary products we have launched Crazy kick.



Crazy Kick® marks the range of premium level of crazy products from the basic utility of gifting. With a great durability and creativity we work relentlessly to give you.
A kick start to the world of infinity!

Why Crazy ?

Crazy Kick® believes in design strength with in the product strength. Every product here is unique and special to an individual. By choosing Crazy Kick you set your self ready for the crazy ride , there is always a surprise added with our continuous Research and Development. There is a product for every mood and heart. Our designs bond with your feelings with the perfect blend of love, innovation and elegance. This is what gives you the craziest kick 😎.