Behind The Screen


Vikas Gattupalli

I'm Vikas. Creation is in my blood and innovation is my passion. I am a versatile  Product and graphic designer whose work echoes along excellence. I have a special vision for simple products, detailing and perfection define me the best. I wake up with CMYK dreams in my eyes and gear up to design the world. Being a mechanical engineer by heart, my immense love for mechanisms and interest for designing resets me to change the world one pixel at a time. The permutations and combination of my skills get the best out of me and my re-inventing capability.

Vinati Gattupalli

I'm Vinati, I started with a desire in my heart and passion on my sleeve. My feelings and opinions speak a thousand words, I write what you read here. I organize the flow of my thoughts, touch up with grace and portray my musings to the world. My words spell imagination and fascination all through out my dream expedition.I reach out to the folks, expanding the horizon of my fantasy bigger and wider. I believe in the true potential of innovation and re-invention spreading them across the lives of people.




Praneeth Margam

I'm a storyteller whose designs speak. I'm Praneeth Margam. The world got me a different perception to see. Hue and saturation are what fascinate me. I'm a budding engineer with an inclination towards design and travel. Not only do  my designs but my photographs also have magic. I'm a Canon lover, and Photoshop and Illustrator are my marvels. 



  Ruthvik Munnuri

I'm very much fond of photography. I love playing with exposure and aperture. Framing things are my mains. I prefer colors to be as vibrant as in my paintings. I'm an engineer who loves making DIY things. I spend my half time exploring photography and end up with gaming.